Actually Have Valuable Customers Calling You Absolutely Free!

That’s right, You want to Actually Have Valuable Customers Calling You Absolutely Free! Right!

Why make Your Customers pay to call You?

Are all of Your Customers local to You, or do You have ads and promotions that are being seen by people at distance?

Of course You do! Right?

So, think about it, when you read an Ad, someone else’s ad that describes a product, service, or opportunity that You’re interested in but it’s going to cost you money just to make the call! What is Your response to that?

Most people move on and never make the call! Right?

So, that means there are probably people wh are reading your ads but not making the call! Right?

Well, now, You can Actually Have Valuable Customers Calling You Absolutely Free!

How much is a Customer, Client, or New Team Member worth to You!?

Perhaps $10, $50, or even $100.00 or more, Right?

So, then why not provide them with a Toll Free # to call You on!?

Perhaps because You’ve never thought of this before, but more than likely because it is usually so cost prohibitive! Right?

Typical Phone Companies such as Bell charge about $40.00 a month for a Business Lne, plus about $12.00 a month for Toll Free Service, plus high per minute rates for all calls! So, that can quickly add up, when You start with over $50.00 a month in Fees, before even getting your first phone call! Right?

Here’s a look at what Bell has for a Limited Time Offer…

You’re welcome to go get that Special Deal at (Or, I’m sure You could find one with another local Provider)

However, what if I told You I get my Toll Free Service for just $2 a Month plus 7 Cents a Minute!!!

The Toll Free Service I use costs just $2 to set up, and $2 a month to maintain, and it comes with an online voice mail system and I can have my calls ring any virtually phone I’m at or have my messages. One to me via email! All at no extra cost! That’s why I, Actually Have Valuable Customers Calling Me Absolutely Free!

Now, not only will having an affordable Toll Free Service help Your Existing Team Members and Customers contacting You for Free. Imagine the automatic credibility it gives You! Someone sees Your Ad, or FaceBook or other Social Media Post, and also sees Your Toll Free #. Automatically they know You must be serious about your Business and they pick up the phone and call You! For Free!

How Powerful is that!?

Do You See how that can help You? Your Customers? Your Business?

Great, then get started now for just $4 ….


Squareup with Your Customers accepting their Credit Cards

Squareup with Your Customers accepting their Credit Cards.

Square Logo

I’ve been using Squareup for a few years now, at Vendor Events, for phone orders, and other places where it’s convenient for our Customers to pay using their Credit Cards.

I like that there is no Qualifying for a Merchant Account, no monthly fee, and it’s easy to use! Our Customers like it too, and studies have proven when paying by Card people spend about 17% more! Which more than makes up for the low 2.75% processing fee.

It’s Free to Get Square Reader and Squareup Account

As if that’s not reason enough to get your free Squareup Account today, Squareup has a new promotion, and right now, for a limited time, at no extra cost…
“You will receive free processing on up to $1,000 in credit card transactions for the first 180 days” So, Click Here to Get Your Free Squareup Account Now!

Look Who’s Using Sniply To Boost Their Businesses

Look Who’s Using Sniply To Boost Their Businesses!

Look Who's Using Sniply

I’m sure You recognize at least a few of these names, Remax, Salesforce, or Blackberry, Right?

So, why do they use it?
What is it, and Why should You use it!?

Ok, so, first let’s think about Your current Advertising…
Find a FaceBook Group, Join the Group, Read the Rules, and
Try to Avoid Getting Banned! Right!? (This applies to All Social Networks)

C’mon, I’ve done it too! 😉

How’s that working for You?

There is a fundamental problem here, most of those Advertising on these Advertising Groups aren’t interested in what you’re pitching! Sorry!
But it’s true! The only reason they’re there is to pitch You, and usually Your Ads don’t even get read, let alone responded to! Right?

Remember, I’ve been there, done that, I know! 😉

I also know there’s a better way! A way that will get Your Posts “Liked” and “Shared” not just by Your “Friends” but by their Friends, and so on! I know this to be true, because I see it working with my own Posts!

So, let me paint a little picture for You, one of a world where you actually get to join Groups you’re actually interested in, and post/share pertinent information in those Groups that is of interest to those Groups! Which will in turn have Group Members, Liking, Commenting, and Sharing Your Content!

Notice, I did not say Your Ads!
(That will happen too! 😉  )

Now, let me ask You, “When was the last time You had someone (Not on your Team) Like, Comment, and Shar, Your Ad with their Friends!?
It does happen, but not often, right!?

So, let’s look at this a little closer, and let me ask you another question,
“When was the last time you saw Remax, Salesforce, or Blackberry or one of the other Companies spamming the feeds of Social Media? Ok, Ok, they do advertise there, but not quite as often, or should I say, as overtly as we do!

You’re far more likely to see them Posting Content to Groups, and Pages, visited by their target audience, or customers. Where those who join those Groups and Like those Pages are apt to Like, Comment, and Share, the Content they Post. Then, when the Friends of those People see their Likes, Comments, and Shares, they also Like, Comment, and Share, and so on! This way there Posts go viral! Then, some of those who Like, Comment, and Share, their Posts actually click through to the Content they’ve Posted. There, those who click through to read the Content, because it something they’re interested in, also see their Ad which either links to their Website, or Signup Forms!

I hope You’re grasping the power of this thing!?

You can now advertise like the BIG Boys (and Gals) by using Sniply!

Want to see Sniply in Action?
Click any of the Links on this Page to see it in action right now!

Oh! Did I mention You can use it for Free! Get Sniply Today for Free!

E-Biz Innovation Innovative Solutions for Online Business Success

E-Biz Innovation Innovative Solutions for Online Business Success, that’s what their Website says! To bad Shawn (Not Sure of the Spelling) doesn’t promote it that way! Nope! I got a call from Shawn on Friday, said He was, “Calling about my Website, Home Based Business Portal, with GVO”.

First thing to notice here, the careful wording!

However, even with that careful wording it kind of tipped me off! First of all, I don’t have an Account with GVO! It’s My Partner’s Account, and if Shawn was with GVO, He would have asked for Him, not Me! Yes, I have a Site, a number of Sites, that have DNS settings utilizing GVO’s Servers and Website Hosting.

So, when Shawn asked me about My Commissions, My Recruits, etc. It further tipped me off that Shawn was not calling from, or for, GVO.

By the way, GVO, is a very reputable Company and they provide a great service and resources for Businesses of all sizes, including Home Based Businesses.

At that point on Friday I cut our Conversation short and Shawn asked when would be a good time to call back. I said well you’ll just have to keep trying. Shawn said he’d call me back today. It was at that point I asked Shawn for a number where I could call Him at GVO? He gave me a phone number. A Non GVO phone number and when I did a reverse search it come up to E-Biz Innovation.

Shawn called back today, it was a bit of a short conversation where I told Shawn I wasn’t impressed! That I knew He wasn’t from GVO and I didn’t appreciate Him representing Himself that way! Shawn denied He said he was from GVO and He carefully repeated what he had said. I told Him he needed to stop calling and wasting my time and that I didn’t appreciate Him calling me on my Toll Free Number and Misrepresenting Himself and E-Biz Innovation as GVO. Shawn further denied it!

If He was not representing Himself, why was he not only asking about My Website, but my Commissions from GVO! Pretty sure Shawn also doesn’t realize phone calls can be recorded with the push of a button, or automatic recording on all calls.

To bad Shawn, but E-Biz Innovation may be a good Company!?
But it certainly isn’t one I’ll ever knowingly deal with!
Oh, wait, maybe that’s why Shawn didn’t say He was calling from E-Biz Innovation and wanted to ask me some questions about my Site.
Which would have landed Shawn and E-Biz Innovation a more receptive potential client. Lesson Learned? Never, Ever, Misrepresent Yourself!

I think this picture of their Website best describes how I feel about Shawn and the people at E-Biz Innovation… A bunch of people standing around wasting my time, with nothing to say!

E-Biz Innovation

Have You had a Call from Shawn? Or someone like Him, or His Busines?
If so let us know by posting Your Comments in the space below.

Our Home Based Business Groups where Members may Post their Products, and Help Wanted Ads are now live!

Ok, Our Home Based Business Groups where Members may Post their Products, and Help Wanted Ads are now live! This will be a great opportunity to promote your products and services.

If You are a Home Based Business Person this is going to be a great place for You to Post Your Products, Services, and Help Wanted Ads!

The First Step Before Postingto our Home Based Business Groups,
Is to Like our Page at

We’ll be making announcements there to let You know where to find our Groups! So You’ll know where to Post.

Have Questions?
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Looking for a Place to Advertise Your Home Based Business Online?

Looking for a Place to Advertise Your Home Based Business Online?

Well, I want to help You do just that!

I’m about to make a BIG announcement, that is going to help you advertise Your Products, and Post Your Help Wanted Ads when Your looking for Employees, Consultants, or Reps for Your Home Based Business!

The first step is for You to “Like” our Page on FaceBook
because We’ll soon be making a BIG Announcement!

Oh! Did I mention it’s going to be Free Advertising for You!!! 😉

Click Here Now to Like our Page on FaceBook
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Our Mission is to be Your Doorway To Home Based Business

Our Mission is to be Your Doorway To Home Based Business. As Home Based Business people we share a number of commonalities. We all need the tools, resources, and means, to promote our Businesses. After 5 plus years of developing a successful home based business ourselves, and recognizing the needs of Home Based Business People, it’s our hope to help facilitate your success as a Home Based Business Person.

Now, a word about what qualifies as a Home Based Business…

I like what I heard on Deb Bixler’s Cash Flow Show Radio this week
with guest Ron Mueller, one of the top home business tax experts in the US.

Ron says,
“A home-based business is any business where the primary administration of the business is done in the home even if the majority of the work is done outside of the home.”

So, that encompasses many things; Artists, Writers, Gardeners, Farmers, Crafts People, Carpenters, and just about anything You can think of where, even if the main part of the business is conducted outside of the home, the primary administration of the business is done in the home.

So, while it also encompasses those in the Direct Sales, MLM, and Network Marketing, it also includes everyone who has a Home Based Business where the primary administration of the business is done in the home. So, depending on the Country You live in, that’s the Tax Law definition.

For our definition, if You consider yourself to have a small business, and you have a product or service for sale, or your looking for people to join your business as a Consultant, or as an employee, or you otherwise need advertising, business supplies, and other tools and resources, to further your Home Based Business, this Portal is for You! 😉

That said, We’d love to hear from You.
Please Post Your Comments Below,
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