Actually Have Valuable Customers Calling You Absolutely Free!

That’s right, You want to Actually Have Valuable Customers Calling You Absolutely Free! Right!

Why make Your Customers pay to call You?

Are all of Your Customers local to You, or do You have ads and promotions that are being seen by people at distance?

Of course You do! Right?

So, think about it, when you read an Ad, someone else’s ad that describes a product, service, or opportunity that You’re interested in but it’s going to cost you money just to make the call! What is Your response to that?

Most people move on and never make the call! Right?

So, that means there are probably people wh are reading your ads but not making the call! Right?

Well, now, You can Actually Have Valuable Customers Calling You Absolutely Free!

How much is a Customer, Client, or New Team Member worth to You!?

Perhaps $10, $50, or even $100.00 or more, Right?

So, then why not provide them with a Toll Free # to call You on!?

Perhaps because You’ve never thought of this before, but more than likely because it is usually so cost prohibitive! Right?

Typical Phone Companies such as Bell charge about $40.00 a month for a Business Lne, plus about $12.00 a month for Toll Free Service, plus high per minute rates for all calls! So, that can quickly add up, when You start with over $50.00 a month in Fees, before even getting your first phone call! Right?

Here’s a look at what Bell has for a Limited Time Offer…

You’re welcome to go get that Special Deal at (Or, I’m sure You could find one with another local Provider)

However, what if I told You I get my Toll Free Service for just $2 a Month plus 7 Cents a Minute!!!

The Toll Free Service I use costs just $2 to set up, and $2 a month to maintain, and it comes with an online voice mail system and I can have my calls ring any virtually phone I’m at or have my messages. One to me via email! All at no extra cost! That’s why I, Actually Have Valuable Customers Calling Me Absolutely Free!

Now, not only will having an affordable Toll Free Service help Your Existing Team Members and Customers contacting You for Free. Imagine the automatic credibility it gives You! Someone sees Your Ad, or FaceBook or other Social Media Post, and also sees Your Toll Free #. Automatically they know You must be serious about your Business and they pick up the phone and call You! For Free!

How Powerful is that!?

Do You See how that can help You? Your Customers? Your Business?

Great, then get started now for just $4 ….


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