E-Biz Innovation Innovative Solutions for Online Business Success

E-Biz Innovation Innovative Solutions for Online Business Success, that’s what their Website says! To bad Shawn (Not Sure of the Spelling) doesn’t promote it that way! Nope! I got a call from Shawn on Friday, said He was, “Calling about my Website, Home Based Business Portal, with GVO”.

First thing to notice here, the careful wording!

However, even with that careful wording it kind of tipped me off! First of all, I don’t have an Account with GVO! It’s My Partner’s Account, and if Shawn was with GVO, He would have asked for Him, not Me! Yes, I have a Site, a number of Sites, that have DNS settings utilizing GVO’s Servers and Website Hosting.

So, when Shawn asked me about My Commissions, My Recruits, etc. It further tipped me off that Shawn was not calling from, or for, GVO.

By the way, GVO, is a very reputable Company and they provide a great service and resources for Businesses of all sizes, including Home Based Businesses.

At that point on Friday I cut our Conversation short and Shawn asked when would be a good time to call back. I said well you’ll just have to keep trying. Shawn said he’d call me back today. It was at that point I asked Shawn for a number where I could call Him at GVO? He gave me a phone number. A Non GVO phone number and when I did a reverse search it come up to E-Biz Innovation.

Shawn called back today, it was a bit of a short conversation where I told Shawn I wasn’t impressed! That I knew He wasn’t from GVO and I didn’t appreciate Him representing Himself that way! Shawn denied He said he was from GVO and He carefully repeated what he had said. I told Him he needed to stop calling and wasting my time and that I didn’t appreciate Him calling me on my Toll Free Number and Misrepresenting Himself and E-Biz Innovation as GVO. Shawn further denied it!

If He was not representing Himself, why was he not only asking about My Website, but my Commissions from GVO! Pretty sure Shawn also doesn’t realize phone calls can be recorded with the push of a button, or automatic recording on all calls.

To bad Shawn, but E-Biz Innovation may be a good Company!?
But it certainly isn’t one I’ll ever knowingly deal with!
Oh, wait, maybe that’s why Shawn didn’t say He was calling from E-Biz Innovation and wanted to ask me some questions about my Site.
Which would have landed Shawn and E-Biz Innovation a more receptive potential client. Lesson Learned? Never, Ever, Misrepresent Yourself!

I think this picture of their Website best describes how I feel about Shawn and the people at E-Biz Innovation… A bunch of people standing around wasting my time, with nothing to say!

E-Biz Innovation

Have You had a Call from Shawn? Or someone like Him, or His Busines?
If so let us know by posting Your Comments in the space below.

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